What Kids Think About Protecting & Caring for Animals

by Mindy Kaleta on July 12, 2013

 What Kids Think About Protecting & Caring for Animals


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I’ve loved animals since I was two, and I’m glad to help animals in need of food and shelter.  If it was you, wouldn’t you want food and shelter?” – Dakota, age 13



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“It inspires me to help these lonely animals find homes. When I look into a dog’s sad eyes at the shelter, I can tell it has been through hard times.  I want to make the dogs so well behaved that they’ll be adopted.” – Adam, age 11




Linus with his favorite toy

“Picking up litter on the streets can save poor, unsuspecting animals that might have eaten it.  Everything you do to help out is important, so do your part.” – Emily, age 11





So what can you or your kids do to protect and care for animals in your community?

Through Service + Learning = Service Learning!!

Don talking to kids at school visit

Service means – contributing or helping to benefit others and the common good

Learning means – getting the knowledge and skills you will need through instruction or experience

Service Learning means – Preparation, action, reflection and demonstration. 


In our next blog post, we will look into the Four Stages of Service Learning and talk about the many ways and opportunities that are available right in your own neighborhood and community!

Here’s what Ezra, age 12 had to say:

“If we don’t help them, I don’t know who will.”

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