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by Mindy Kaleta on March 25, 2013

dog chewed up a comforter

Does this look familiar?

If you are a Mom and you have recently adopted a new puppy, then this is for YOU!  As a Puppy Mom,  it’s going to be a fun and wonderful time, I promise!

 Oh, I know!  It’s so exciting isn’t it?!  The kids are pumped, and you are probably at the pet store right now, introducing this little fur ball to toys, and treats and showing him off to the staff! (That’s usually the first place Puppy Moms take their fur babies)  And you are saying to everyone in the store, “Isn’t he the cutest puppy ever?!”

 Now, I love puppies…in fact I’m crazy in love with puppies!  But let me tell you a little secret…puppies are a lot of work!  However…with a little help, and a peek inside that little puppy head and what he is thinking and feeling,  you will be far ahead of the other mothers trying to figure it out!

 Another little secret is this:  Raising a pup is just like raising kids! They are so much alike it’s not even funny!  And if you will join me on this survival mission, you will begin to see the many similarities!  Now this is not to say that your kids have been brought down to the level of an animal, (although…Mom’s…be  honest, sometimes we refer to them as such, when we’ve lost our cool and can’t think of anything else to say!!  Things like, “Were you born in a barn?” or “Your room looks like a pig sty!”  Our children are still our most treasured gifts, and they deserve preference over the family pup.  However, if you have asked a member of the canine species to come to live with you, it’s only fair to take into consideration that there will be some differences of perspective to say the least.  Having a dog in your home requires understanding, a lot of patience and a healthy respect for the pup’s point of view.  Once we’ve gotten that in tact, we can then integrate this adorable little fur ball into the family hierarchy. 

Just as we learn to understand the quirks and the many personality behaviors of our kids, you will soon catch on to the quirks and personality behaviors of your new pup.  Yes, they really do have their own little personalities even within the breeds, so you can imagine how confusing it can be in trying figure out your pup!

 So, if you are looking for information, tools, tips and you need them in simple, straight forward, no nonsense and on-the-go format…then you’ve come to the right place!  I know you Pup Moms are busy and have a lot to do, so count on this to be short, sweet and to the point!  Instead of a lengthy blog post, there may just be a quick video giving you some much needed support, encouragement or puppy behavior tip to try, or reviewing and sharing the latest awesome pup toy or product! But I promise it will be fun without tedious training processes!

What to Expect – You will learn:

  • Games the kids can play with the pup
  • Discussion of puppy issues with simple & easy solutions
  • Gentle parenting and how to not sweat the small stuff
  • Loving guidance and bonding with your pup
  • What’s new and trendy in the dog world
  • Parenting and “training” all within your normal, regular family routines!

 You may even find some parenting skills that work well with the kids too!  I don’t know how many times in my dog training career I heard, 

“Wow!  I wish I’d known all this before I had kids!”

So, Moms, to keep my promise and make it short…

 just opt in for daily on-the-go tips!

It’s all in the bag!

Click Here! C’mon!  Let’s Go!”


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