The Kaleta Gang!

We Love Animals!  Meet our Gang!

Well, that’s no real secret! If you are hooked up with me on facebook, Twitter or my blog…you know that! But for those who don’t, let me tell you who these two little…or should I say big rascals are!

The one on the left is Roc, our adopted Rottie, Golden Retriever, Shepherd mix almost 3 year old pup.  He’s the narrator of our book Puppy Scents!

The one on the right is Chloe, our beautiful Golden Retriever who is featured on Surviving the Puppy Stage! 

We’ve had our share of ups and downs with these two pups, but let me tell you, more ups than downs!  Each with their own personalities and quirks.  One of their favorit hobbies is to chase our three cats through the house and around the staircase!  It sounds like a kennel in here at times!  But then as all parents, we do treasure the moments when they are all sprawled out, taking their naps…(dog & cat naps!)…looking like the sweet little angels they are!  Ahhh…you just long for those times!


Our three kitties, Katie, Maggie and Miley are also rescued! 

Katie was a stray running loose in Southern Ohio, when I was  looking for a kitten. She’s a little on the shy side but has the sweetest personality and loves to lie on your chest and purr.



Maggie was left along with her sister in a box in someone’s garage.  As a kitten, she was definitely on the wild side! Big eyes, crazed look and full of fun and curiosity!  Today, she’s the one who wants to be carried in a basket by the grandkids when they come to visit. I think she wouldn’t mind trying on some clothes either, if they wanted her to!





And Miley…well, Miley has a story that will soon be told in our next kid’s book, “Miley’s Big Adventure!”  She’s one of five kittens who encountered many adventures on the farm where they lived, but her biggest adventure changed her life forever!

We have a passion for helping people and animals live their best life!  Everyone deserves to live free, happy and healthy!

Focusing on teaching parents and kids how to connect with the dogs in their life to create a friendship that lasts a lifetime!

Puppy Scents message is not only for dogs, but for all animals.  Roc’s mission is this:  “Creating Forever Friendships between kids and animals, so that no more pets have to be alone, scared or homeless.”   Our books, Surviving the Pupy Stage – the parent’s guide and Puppy Scents – the Kids’ Guide, are just the beginning of creating lasting memories of kids and their childhood pals. 


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