The Beginnings of Puppy Scents – Part 1

by Mindy Kaleta on March 26, 2015

Image property of VA Humane Society. Roc waiting for his new home

Image property of VA Humane Society. Roc waiting for his new home

Roc’s Story, Just A Pup at the Humane Society in Virginia

The Beginnings of Puppy Scents – Part 1

I was just cruising on the internet for just the right pup. Well, we both, my husband Don and I had been doing it for the last few months. There just didn’t seem to be any pups that spoke to us, until this one day…

It was a Friday evening. I had downloaded the app to my iphone. This was an easy way to keep up with the postings that seemed to change daily and hourly. In fact, I had seen a pup that I wanted so badly, but he was a bit older than we were looking for. But that face just kept calling to me. Then one day, I went back on the site to check on him again…and it said, “He is no longer available.” I wasn’t sure what that meant, but I was hoping that it meant that someone came to get him to take him to his new, loving home and not some other, awful reason. So, I pushed that thought out of my head and just thought the best for him.

But one Saturday morning, I came across another picture of the cutest little guy that was similar to the older pup that was not available now. Oh, my goodness, I think we have found our pup! Don was still sleeping. It was early, like 6:45 a.m. or 7:00. Should I wake him? No, I’ll wait for him to wake up, then I’ll show him.

I read that this little pup had 6 siblings. Three looked like Rotties, two looked like Golden Retrievers, and two that were something else, they weren’t sure what. The above picture was the one that I saw that made me say to Don early that Saturday morning, “I think we’ve found our pup!”

You see this particular pup wasn’t going to be just another dog for us. He was selected to be the main character in our new kid’s guide to puppy care. It’s a story, from the pup’s point of view on being taken home to live with his new best friend and his thoughts, feelings and comments on being trained. This little guy was a real character. We knew him. He was sweet, with kind eyes, a a gentle temperament for kids. Our little guy was on the large side and also had that magnetic personality that draws people and especially kids. And as soon as we saw that face, we knew this was the one. This was our Roc.

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