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How to Host an Animal Shelter Donation Drive







Most local animal shelters and humane societies can always use donations from caring members of the public. If you want to make a donation on a large scale, be sure to check with your shelter and/or humane society to see exactly what items they need the most right now, and then host your own donation drive!

If you belong to a group, see if  the other members are interested in getting involved in making it a big group effort. Generally the more people you have involved, the more you can collect and give to homeless pets in need. After you gather all willing parties and find out what you need to collect, it’s time to find a location to host the drive and to let people know that you’re hosting one.

Sometimes drives are held outside of grocery stores and people donate things as they leave the store. To do this, you have to get permission from the grocery store. Ask to speak with a manager and explain to them what you want to do. This method also works outside of pet stores or other areas of high traffic where people would have access to the items you want them to donate.

There’s also the option of hosting a private donation drive where you let your friends/family/coworkers know that you’re trying to collect items to donate to the shelters or humane societies, and then tell them what you want and when you need to have it by. That allows people to buy the items and bring them to you before the end of your drive. This is often a good method of collection if you want to host a drive in your office or school.

At the end of your drive, tally what you received, take it to your shelter or humane society, and pat yourself on the back for doing a great thing for homeless pets!

Have any of you ever hosted a donation drive? Do you have any tips or stories to share?


Roc Weiler Loves Halo Pet Food (Maggie, Katie, and Miley Do Too!)

*NOTE: This is not a sponsored post, we just wanted to share our love of Halo Pet Food.*

Halo Pet Food has made an enormous difference in the lives of our three cats and dog Roc.

Our girls, Katie, Maggie and Miley were on a supermarket brand cat food, but were having all kinds of skin issues. I had heard about Halo on the Ellen DeGeneres show and decided to give the Halo Salmon a try. They absolutely love it! And what a difference it made in their coats and their overall condition! Our Vets couldn’t be happier with their progress!

About a year ago, our dog Roc came down with a terrible and scary illness. He went from being a 65 pound, healthy pup with tons of energy, to a 50 pound, lethargic and very sick dog with rear leg paralysis. Vets couldn’t determine what the problem was. Ultimately, after many trips to our local vets, he spent a week in the hospital with IV’s and extensive tests. Ultimately, the diagnosis was that they suspected he had a stroke. He was only a year old, but strokes like these do happen, but usually, once they do, they don’t occur again.

Roc needed special care and constant supervision for almost nine months. He had forgotten how to swallow and had lost fifteen pounds. Since the girls had done so well on Halo, we decided to give it a try. We had to soften it and hand feed him to get him to eat, but finally he started to eat it on his own. Roc is not only our beloved pup, but he also is the star of our book Puppy Scents, The Kids’ Guide to Puppy Care. He is a “spokespup” for shelter dogs in his mission of “creating friendships between kids and dogs.” He just had to get better; he still had a lot of kids to meet and a lot of shelter pals to help!

Today Roc has increased well beyond the fifteen pounds that he had lost. He is a 2 year old Rottie/Golden/Shepherd mix and weighs a muscular 85 pounds. His vets are pleased with his progress and that he has come back from a very debilitating illness.

Thanks to Halo’s wonderful nutritious food products, we have a dog and three cats living healthy, happy and contented lives!

What brand of pet food do you use?

Spending Quality Time With Maggie

Hi everyone! Roc here! I just wanted to pop in and say hello! Mom went outside to enjoy the warm weather, so I snuck on the computer! I’ve been spending a lot of time outside enjoying the spring sunshine and hanging out with my sisters.

This is my sister Maggie, and she is a good sister! I like to chase her around the house and watch the birds with her.  When I first got here, it took us a little while to become close, but now we get along really well.

Have a wonderful day full of outdoor adventures and lots of treats!

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Happy Spring, friends!

March 20, 2012 marks the vernal equinox and the start of spring! No more winter doldrums or cold weather! Spring has officially sprung, and we want to make sure that everyone goes into it with a smile on their face. To celebrate, we thought we’d share some adorable dog videos that make us smile. Hopefully they have the same effect on you!

Gotta love a big and patient dog
Puppies Herding Ducklings
Adorable Dog and the Toy Mouse Surprise
Perfect Puppy Playtime

Have a wonderful first day of spring!

Puppy Scents Goes to West Elementary for an Author/Illustrator School Visit

On March 9, 2012, the Puppy Scents team visited West Elementary School in Lancaster, OH and had a wonderful time! With 450 students in attendance ranging from grades K through 5, author Don Kaleta and illustrator Helen Habel talked about how Puppy Scents came to life. They discussed Don’s first original concept idea; collaborating with Helen; sharing their ideas of the characters and personalities; and the book design, printing, and distribution. The children were amazed at all that takes place to get the actual hardcopy book into their hands.

At the end of the presentation, students had the opportunity to ask questions and get answers about the writing and illustrating process. Many students showed an interest in also becoming writers and illustrators, and several shared that they were even working on their books right now! Don and Helen encouraged them to “Go for their dreams!” and “not to let anyone tell them that they can’t do it. Just start writing and drawing and never give up!”

Everyone enjoyed the Puppy Scents video explaining “Who is this mystery pup of Puppy Scents?”, how he wrote a book, has a blog, and speaks up for shelter pets everywhere. Another inspirational video encouraging kids to “Create ‘Fur’ever Friendships” with pups was also well received. As Roc of Puppy Scents says, “I want to create forever friendships between kids and pups so that no more dogs have to be alone, scared or homeless.”

Corey Schoonover, Director of the Fairfield Area Humane Society, and Bill Huffman, Humane Officer, wrapped up the visit with a special appearance and presentation. They brought two precious puppies who were a big hit! In their presentation, Corey touched on what the Humane Society does and how important it is to know how to care for your pet to keep them from ever having to end up at the shelters or humane societies. Education is key, and Puppy Scents and the FAHS are working together to create awareness about homeless pet issues. Bernie, one of the pups brought to the visist by the FAHS, was adopted shortly afterwards!! He is now in his forever home! Congratulations, Bernie!

We would like to thank the principal, teachers, staff, and students for making us feel so welcome and for their enthusiasm for saving homeless pets!
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Top Dog Names of 2011 – Did Your Pet’s Name Make the List?

The Huffington Post created an adorable slideshow to showcase the top 25 names for dogs in 2011 according to Banfield Pet Hospital. As you probably can guess, Roc Weiler did not make the list, but that doesn’t make my name any less awesome!

Click here to see the rest of the list and slideshow!

Did your pet’s name make the list? If so, leave a note in the comment and let me know which number it was!


P.S. Apparently there’s also a top 25 cat names list, but who cares about cats anyway? Dogs rule!

Etsy Finds for Fido (and Fido lovers!)

In case you aren’t familiar, is a website where independent artists can sell their art to people interested in supporting small businesses. I could easily spend hours just browsing through all of the interesting and creative pieces on there. Here are a few of my favorite finds from this week:

via happylandings
via midnightblustudio
via johnwgolden
via manicmuse
via sillybuddy

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Healthy Dog Treats: Keep Your Dog Happy and Healthy

One of the fastest growing problems in pet health is pet obesity. Obesity in dogs can lead to heart disease, osteoarthritis, and many other health concerns. Dogs have a knack for getting their owners to feed them treats for behaving, doing tricks, or just for being adorable. While treats are a great way to bond with your pet pal, they can also do harm if they don’t have anything nutritional in them.

Instead of giving your pup junk food treats that are loaded with fat and sugar, choose a healthier alternative instead. Many dogs enjoy eating various fruits, such as apples or watermelons. Some dogs even like crunchy vegetables like green beans, carrots, or celery. Plain rice, rice cakes, and crackers are also good substitutes for traditional biscuits.

If you’re looking for a store bought alternative, Only Natural Pet All Meat Bites are a great option.  They are freeze-dried, grain-free, hormone-free meat treats from free range animals. Since the treats have nothing added to them and aren’t cooked before they’re freeze dried, they still have many of the nutrients and health benefits associated with raw meat.

Bully Sticks are another good option. Bully Sticks are 100% beef chew sticks made from the meat of free-ranging Brazilian cattle. They are USDA certified and inspected to ensure the safety of your pet.

Always check and make sure that what you’re giving your pup isn’t bad for him. Just because it’s not full of fat and sugar doesn’t mean that it won’t be bad for Fido. Also be sure to pair up your healthy treats with lots of outdoor exercise. Diet and exercise are very important for both humans and their canine companions. Eat right, go for a run or a walk, and get healthy!


5 Ways To Make Sure Your New Puppy and Resident Cats Get Along

Introducing a puppy into a new home is a delicate situation, and when you add prior pets to the mix, it gets even more complicated. A good introduction is crucial to forming healthy bonds between all of your pets and preventing any animal drama in your household.

Bringing a feisty, 10-week old pup into our home was a bit of a challenge. Not only because he’s a fesity, 10-week old pup, but we already had some furry kids at home (not of the canine type). We had three cats: Katie, Maggie, and Miley. They were used to ruling the house and doing what cats do, which is pretty much whatever they want. There were some rules for them, but on the whole, they were free to roam where they chose. A new pup in the house was going to change their lives forever.

We thought we would let Roc get used to his new backyard after a long trip from Virginia. When Roc showed up in the yard, the cats all rushed to the patio door. Finally Miley was curious enough to look Roc straight in the eyes, and the friendship began. Of course, once inside there was chasing and whimpering and loud meows until we decided that our kitties needed a safe place to go to get away from this pesky pup. So, we blocked off the entrance to the living room/dining room so that when Roc got to be too much of a pest, they could clear the boundary with ease and laugh at him from their safe space.

Here are five tips to make your pet pal introduction as stress-free as possible:
1. Dogs and cats are from different worlds. It is a lot easier for a resident dog to accept a kitten, but cats often have a hard time adjusting to a new puppy. Be sure to keep the puppy on a leash or in a crate during introductions to prevent any mishaps.

2. Praise and reward your cat around your new puppy. You never want the resident pets to feel threatened or insecure by the arrival of a new guest.

3. Trim your cats claws so that if things do happen to get out of hand (or into claws reach), the damage done won’t be too significant.

4. Only bring a new pet into a house if things in the house are going well. It takes time getting animals to play nice, and if things are rough at home, it will only make the situation worse.

5. Remember that successful introductions take time. You cannot set a time limit or expectations for how quickly your pets will become friends. Unfortunately, some animals will never become friends and will only learn to tolerate each other. Understand and respect that, and whatever you do, do not try to rush or force them into each other’s space.

Best of luck with your new pup and current pets! Do you have any other useful tricks for helping pet introductions go smoothly?

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