Responsible Pet Ownership

May 15, 2013

Responsible Pet Ownership   “If everyone took personal responsibility for their animals, we wouldn’t have a lot of the animal problems that we do.  Take responsibility and breathe kindness.” Betty White   Just the word, “Responsibility” sounds so serious and grueling!  But taking responsibility when it comes to the animals, is anything but a chore!  […]

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Respect Me for Who I am

May 9, 2013

Respect Me for Who I am THINK THE GOLDEN RULE! We all want to be respected don’t we?  Accepted for who we are and what we stand for?  No one wants to be “disrespected” and all of us try very hard to gain acceptance. Same is true with your pup, cat, hamster or any animal […]

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Can I Trust You to Take Care of Me?

May 7, 2013

  Can I Trust You to Take Care of Me?   Today and for the next few posts, I want to talk about Character Education and how that applies to interacting with animals and specifically your pup.    The first of the Six Pillars is: Trustworthiness – Be Loyal, Be Reliable, Be Honest & Do […]

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Humane Education and the Animal Connection

May 2, 2013

Humane Education and the Animal Learning Connection   It’s a well known fact that animals can engage kids and capture their attention like nothing else!  Bring a puppy into a room full of school children and there will be lots of “ooooohhs” and “awwwwws”!  And when kids are excited about something, they tend to absorb […]

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Is Your Dog Taking YOU for a Walk?

April 23, 2013

Taking Your Dog for a Walk Doesn’t Have to Look Like This! If this is you, then Jeni’s question on my facebook page may be YOUR question as well! QUESTION: “How do I keep him from pulling, especially when we leave for the walk and when we are coming back?” Well, Jeni…pulling on leash is […]

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Mama Said There Would be Days Like This!

April 18, 2013

Mama Said There Would be Days Like This!! Some days, you’ll wonder, when is he going to GROW UP???!!! I know, I know…it’s tough some days.  He’s in the trash, piddled on the floor, made you stand outside in the pouring rain while “looking for that right spot”… and if that wasn’t bad enough, he […]

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Mom, Can We Have a Dog…Please???

March 28, 2013

“Hey, guess what?  We just got a puppy!” So, you did, did ya?  Sweet!  Nothing like having a dog and it will change your life forever!  Dogs give us so much more than we could ever give them.  And you will probably learn more about yourself than you ever imagined!  Having a dog living within […]

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Welcome to Puppy Mom Survival Coaching!

March 25, 2013

Does this look familiar? If you are a Mom and you have recently adopted a new puppy, then this is for YOU!  As a Puppy Mom,  it’s going to be a fun and wonderful time, I promise!  Oh, I know!  It’s so exciting isn’t it?!  The kids are pumped, and you are probably at the pet store right […]

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Puppy out of control with play biting, nipping and tugging?

March 1, 2013

How to Stop the Insanity?!   Question:  It’s just plain crazy!! Our pup doesn’t seem to bother with the adults in the house, but can’t keep himself from play biting, chasing, nipping and tugging at the kids! Yup! That does sound crazy, but it’s actually quite normal. For a couple reasons. First, your puppy is young and has […]

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