Mama Said There Would be Days Like This!

by Mindy Kaleta on April 18, 2013

Roc tormenting Maggie

Mama Said There Would be Days Like This!!

Some days, you’ll wonder, when is he going to GROW UP???!!!

I know, I know…it’s tough some days.  He’s in the trash, piddled on the floor, made you stand outside in the pouring rain while “looking for that right spot”… and if that wasn’t bad enough, he didn’t even go!!  C’mon!!”

It’s exasperating, it’s annoying and it’s downright exhausting!!  No one ever said it would be uneventful, that’s for sure!  But let me get serious here and give you a little perspective from the pup’s point of view.

Pup’s Point of View:

Trash:  “Trash smells great!!! And if you had my nose, you’d have your head in the trash can too!”

Piddling on the Floor:  “No one was around to let me out, I was about to burst…and remember, ‘I have no hands to let myself out’..!!!”

Pottying Outside in the Rain:  “Do you know how hard it is to find that right spot when the rain just washed away all the good smells???!!!  I could tell from your body language and you rattling on about something that you wanted me to get back inside.  But how do I tell you, ‘I’m not done yet?’…!!!”

So, as “Mama Said…There would be days like this!”  But it won’t last forever.  As you bond together and get better at reading each others language…body and words…things will get easier and better.  And in your favor, he will be growing physically, mentally and emotionally as do kids, which makes it a little easier to deal with the issues…well at least your pup will be able to hold it longer until he can get someone’s attention that he needs to go out!

So, hang in there Puppy Moms!  When things get crazy and you are ready to throw in the towel…remember those times when they look like little angels…you know when…when they are sleeping.  And you look down on them and smile and say…”Isn’t he the cutest baby you’ve ever seen!”    Yeah, there will be days like that too!!

Linus Sleeping on his chair

Lucky Linus whose Mom lets him sleep on the rocker! Isn’t he a sweet baby!! Can he really sleep like that?


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