Kids Taking ACTION in their Neighborhoods and Communities

by Mindy Kaleta on July 16, 2013

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Kids Taking ACTION in their Neighborhoods and Communities

The Four Stages of Service Learning and the many opportunities that are available right in your own neighborhood and community!


So, what are the Four Stages of Service Learning?

Stage 1 – Preparation

Many pets get improper care because people are not taught how to care for them. YOU could help teach them, even if you are a kid, by just gathering the experience and knowledge that you need to help.

It’s kind of like putting together a recipe! First you gather the “ingredients” – which are like the facts and knowledge and then you put together a “recipe” which serves as your plan of action!

Here are a few ideas of how you could teach others how to care for their pets:

  • Interview a Vet
  • Search the internet for proper pet care
  • Volunteer at your local animal shelter
  • Invite an animal shelter staff member, author of a pet care book, or an animal behaviorist/trainer to visit your class or group
  • Make a poster for your school asking kids to submit their pet care tips

Stage 2 – Action!

Now that you have some knowledge and a background of what you need, you can create and put a plan into Action!

Here’s four ways to take action:

  1. Direct Service – face to face interaction with people or animals
  2. Indirect Service – Action that is not seen by people or animals but meets a real need
  3. Advocacy – What you do makes others aware of an issue and encourages them to take action to change a situation
  4. Research – You gather and report on information that helps a community

What kind of action interests you?  With a partner, sit down and list some examples of each type of service.  Remember that one way is not more important than another. Even behind the scenes action can result in major benefits!

Stage 3 – Reflection

Stop along your journey in Service Learning to reflect upon what you have learned and how you wish to proceed.  You may have found that working behind the scenes was not as fulfilling as you might have thought and that working directly with the animals or people makes your heart sing!

You may see that what you are doing is not providing a service as you were expecting and you decide to tweak your program or come at it from a totally different approach.

Reflection is good for the soul and it’s good for the service that you provide.  It keeps you alert and focused along your path.

Here’s what Loren Eisley, anthropologist had to say about “Reflection”:

“A person does not truly meet himself until he catches his reflection in an eye other than that of a human.”


December 2012 1204


Stage 4 – Demonstration

This is the stage where you take the opportunity to tell other what you have learned and what community work is available for them as well! Share the wealth!  In this case, the “wealth of knowledge and experience”!

Here are a few things that you or others may want to pick as YOUR “Demonstration”!

  • Make a mural
  • Create a website or blog
  • Take pictures of the available animals at a local shelter to post online for adoption that bring out their best qualities and show off their personalities
  • Put together an audio or video recording about the four stages of Service learning or your favorite topic
  • Perform a skit for another class or youth group on getting involved in your community to help protect and care for animals
  • Create a brochure showing the steps YOU followed
  • Build a display for your local library to help get the word out!

“Any glimpse into the life of an animal quickens our own and makes it so much the larger and better in every way.” –

John Muir, author and environmentalist

Roc’s Mission

Roc, "I have a dream"

Roc, “I have a dream”

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If all of us could just do something, it would make the biggest difference in the world.  What will you do?

One easy way to help in getting Roc’s Mission out to the community and taking the message of Puppy Scents to the world would be to go now to the Puppy Scents facebook page and “like” and “share” it with your friends! It’s easy as clicking here!!



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