Can I Trust You to Take Care of Me?

by Mindy Kaleta on May 7, 2013



Can I Trust You to Take Care of Me?


Today and for the next few posts, I want to talk about Character Education and how that applies to interacting with animals and specifically your pup. 


The first of the Six Pillars is:

Trustworthiness – Be Loyal, Be Reliable, Be Honest & Do the Right Thing

Think True Blue!

So, how can we show “Trustworthiness” when interacting with our pup?

  • Making sure that your pup always has good food and fresh water each day
  • Giving him a safe and comfortable place in your home
  • Doing what’s best for him
  • Being his loyal and forever friend
  • Letting him know and understand that you can be trusted to take care of him!

Implementing this with the kids

I know sometimes it’s tough to teach this with the kids.  They have a lot going on, and with their young years, sometimes it doesn’t sink in that their puppy is depending on them to help take care of him.  But implementing some routines in the home can be fun while they are learning to show their “trustworthiness” with their pup. Here are a few:

Assign the various puppy needs to each of the kids as “their time with Puppy” such as:

  1. Feeding, fresh water and potty time
  2. Playing ball  or going to the pet store to pick out a new toy (or some of the many puppy games mentioned in Puppy Scents & Surviving the Puppy Stage)
  3. “Puppy sitting or hanging out with the pup”…letting him hang with you while you are playing your games, watching TV, or doing your  homework
  4. Taking your pup for a walk or kiddie pool for him when it’s hot
  5. Making nap times and bedtime fun to look forward to by having special toys or chews that are only used for that purpose

All of these things are ways to show by your actions that you can be trusted as a guardian, caretaker and loyal pal. Your puppy will know that you love him and the kids will be learning important lessons that they can take with them through life.

Linus with his favorite toy

“Thanks for being there for me!”

Next time: Respect!!     

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